Paintings of songs & More

I am painting Songs & I do work on commission of paintings from photos or postcards.
Which is the favorite song you want for you, or to give as a gift for someone special?

 I am promoting a new Idea:  “I can paint your favorite song “-  See some examples:

Strawberry Fields Forever a Olga LidiaStrawberry fields forever.

Yes, I am painting songs. I base the painting on the lyrics: for example, I have painted : Strawberry fields forever, yesterday, Cantares, Rainbow Connections,
Which is your favorite song???   Good question?  If you are interested in this idea you can contact me by sending me an email:



Another paintings of the song :  Yesterday.Yesterday
Catalog of other paintings:

Pictures  of my 1st Art Show, in Dec 2010,  in:

My last Art Show at Campbell, CA, May 18th and 19th , 2013 was a great success

Art Shows in 2012, in July 15th, 2012, and December 2nd,  in Alviso, CA and San Jose, CA

10 Responses to Paintings of songs & More

  1. Santiago says:

    This is looking great!!!
    Nice gallery!

  2. Tony Lamb says:

    Above paintings are very nice and marvelous these can enhance the beauty of any house and room

  3. Patrice Baskerville says:

    Very wonderful work, Ana. Thank you for sharing it with me.

    • Ana iS says:

      Thanks Patrice. It is always rewarding to see people commenting on my “Art”

      • Frank Langben says:

        I bought “mi arbol y yo” last weekend. Fantastic painting, looks beautiful in my home.
        Yes, I looked up the song — and I know enough Spanish to understand it.
        Please let me know when your next show/ fair is.

      • Ana iS says:

        My next show will be July 4th at Downtown Redwood City

  4. Karen Carías says:

    Congratulations, I really like your paintings. They leave a lot to your imagination. I love the concept of painting a song.

  5. Jose Blakeley says:

    Very nice gallery. Congratulations, Ana!

  6. I love the strawberry fields painting. It does capture the joy and fun of the song.

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